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INSTANT FIX ZIPPER [HC0052] (253061051588)

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  • Features:
  • Fix split zipper tracks, broken sliders, & up to 3 missingzipper teeth with this easy to use Fix A Zipper 6 Pack! Works on most common zippermishaps, such as split zipper tracks, broken sliders, and up to 3 missing zipper teeth.
  • For jeans, pants, coats, and more, you'll love the ability to fix your own clothes with
  • ease, and without a costly trip to the tailor.
  • Works on tents, suitcases, clothing,sleeping bags, purses, boots, and much more.
  • Replaces Zipper Sizes: 3, 4, 5, 8, 8C, 10.
  • As seen on TV
  • Snaps on in seconds
  • Easy to install,removable,reusable .
  • Fixes any zipper in a Flash.
  • Specifications:
  • Material: plastic
  • The Bigest size: 1.3X3.6X1.1cm
  • The medium size: 1.1X3.4X1cm
  • The smallest size: 1X2.8X0.85cm
  • Package includes:
  • 6pcs Fix A Zipper Zip Rescue Instant Repair Kit Replacement
  • (Retail package is Not included)