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KeySmart™ Compact, Comfortable, & Quiet! (MB000008)


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KeySmart™ Compact, Comfortable, & Quiet!

KeySmart™ Compact, Comfortable, & Quiet!

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  • Compact: Unique ‘S’ design holds up to 14 keys (with FREE expansion pack) while keeping your keys tight and compact - jingle free!
  • Versatile: Adding a USB thumb drive, bottle opener, nano light and more lets you turn your boring, useless keyring into an incredibly useful multipurpose tool!
  • Sleek: Patented symmetrical design creates a 'Swiss Style' look and feel so your keys conveniently tuck away - never poking or gouging you again!
  • Lightweight: Smaller than a pack of gum and weighing less than .3oz. you’ll forget your keys are even in your pocket or purse.
  • Durable: Engineered to be ultra-tough, we combine aircraft-grade aluminum & stainless steel to ensure your KeySmart lasts just as long as your keys.
  • Universal: The extended frame lets you easily fit longer and foreign keys - so almost any key you have or can find will likely fit your KeySmart!