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The Amazing Zippy Smile® (MB000018)


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The Amazing Zippy Smile®

The Amazing Zippy Smile®

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Have "Big Smile Confidence" with The Amazing Zippy Smile® Veneers!

The Amazing Zippy Smile® instantly gives you the look of perfect teeth you'll be proud to smile about. It is the groundbreaking veneer made with super comfortable, micro-thin Polypropylene. Never be embarrassed again! No expensive dental work necessary!

Now you can instantly show off an instant and beautiful smile! A must-have for meetings, job interviews, and blind dates. You don't have to spend the money for a million dollar smile!

    • Fit to your existing teeth with easy moldable application
    • One size fits all (molds to fit your teeth)
    • Ideal for Men and Women 
    • Easy to put on (just takes seconds)
    • Includes 1 x Premium Amazing Zippy Smile® (top teeth only)
    • Instructions included
    • Look and feel great in pictures
    • No nasty tasting adhesives
    • No more hiding your smile