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AB Stimulator PRO v2.0 (MB000001)

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AB Stimulator PRO v2.0

AB Stimulator PRO v2.0

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Abdominal muscles Mentor of the charm of the trunk  Smart Fitness:

1. Strengthens, tones, strengthens and retains muscles
2. Electromagnetic impulses orient reinforcement and find your center with increased muscular contractions
3. Simple push-button action with 6 systems.
4. Galvanic muscle activation (EMS)
5. 1 day 1 time, every 30 minutes. Training, procedures and strong muscles.
6. Application of a unique learning impulse with a specific current frequency
7. Create a way to exercise effective muscle exercises


Color for the fetters: black
Automatic projects: scraping, massaging, acupuncture, threading, combination.
Certificate: CE / EMC, ROHS